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Sensibo for your Ductless System

New! Complete On the Go Control for Carrier and Bryant Ductless

Product Info:

Sensibo is an advanced smart module that retrofits Carrier and Bryant Ductless systems to smart operation, connecting them to WiFi and to the internet. Your customer will be able to control their air conditioner from a smartphone using the Sensibo App and enjoy the smart air conditioning features it provides.

  • Also works with voice assistance such as Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Assistant, Google Home and other third party applications as well.
  • One kit required per indoor unit making it applicable in both Single and Multi Zone applications.
  • Installs and sets up in minutes!
  • For questions, email: [email protected]

Compatible Systems

-SEN-INS-CAR-805 Sensibo Inside WiFi for 40MAQ/619P Wall Units
-SEN-INS-CAR-01 Sensibo Inside WiFi for 40MBD/619REQ*D Ducted Units
-SEN-INS-CAR-02 Sensibo Inside WiFi for 40MBC/619REQ*C & 40MBF/619REQ*F Cassette & Floor Units
# 40MAQB09B--1; 09B--3; 12B--1; 12B--3; 18B--3; 24B--3; 30B--3; 36B--3 SHOP SYSTEMS
# 40MBCQ09---3; 12---3; 18---3 SHOP SYSTEMS
# 40MBDQ18---3; 24---3; 36---3; 48---3 SHOP SYSTEMS
# 40MBFQ09---3; 12---3 SHOP SYSTEMS
# 40MBQB01C---; 09C--3; 09D--3; 09F--3; 12C--3; 12D--3; 12F--3; 18C--3; 18D--3; 24D--3; 36D--3; 48D--3 SHOP SYSTEMS
# 619REQ009CBMA; 009DBMA; 009FBMA; 012CBMA; 012DBMA; 012FBMA; 018CBMA; 018DBMA; 024DBMA; 036DBMA; 048DBMA SHOP SYSTEMS